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Awarded Honeywell Distributor of the Year 2022

We are thrilled to share a momentous achievement that showcases our dedication to excellence in the field of Gas Detection. It is with immense pride and gratitude that we are awarded the Distributor of the Year Award for both Fixed Gas Detectors and Portable Gas Detectors. This remarkable feat is a testament to our unwavering commitment to delivering high quality products and innovative solutions to our clients, setting new benchmarks in safety products for a wide range of industries.


What makes this achievement even more significant is that it marks the first time we have received the Distributor of the Year Award for Fixed Gas Detectors, in addition to the recurring accolade for Portable Gas Detectors. This double recognition reflects the exceptional efforts and hard work of our team, and it encourages us to continue our journey toward excellence.

As we celebrate this achievement, we extend our gratitude to our clients, partners, and the entire Ansac Technology family. Your trust and support are the cornerstones of our success, and we remain committed to meeting and exceeding your expectations in the future.

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