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Earplug Selection Tips- How to determine which earplugs fits best?

Ear canals come in different sizes and shapes, affecting both fit and protection levels, as well as comfort. Bigger variety will go far in providing a better fit for more ears, and protecting significantly more of workers.

Here is an ANSAC Guide on ‘Earplug Selection Tips. 

1. Shape

Ear canal openings may appear round, oval or as a split. For oval or slit openings, round reusable earplugs will often not fil the ear canal-try a foam earplug. 

2. Size

If an earplug is too large or too small it will never achieve an acoustic seal. 

3. Ease of Insertion

Some workers have difficulty rolling or inserting foam earplugs due to restricted dexterity or arthritis, or because they are wearing gloves. Try a no-roll foam or reusable earplug. 

4. Others Factors

  • Corded/Uncorded

  • Uniform attenuation across frequencies

  • Single-use or reusable 

  • Push-in foam

  • Detectable earplugs (for food service industry) 

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