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Cleanroom Particle Counter Selection Tips

How to choose the right particle counter for your cleanroom?

Particle counters differ widely in terms of particle threshold, cost, and features. Here is an ANSACGUIDE on ‘Cleanroom Particle Counter Selection Tips.

1. Size of Particle 

While it is regulated by the ISO class of your cleanroom, ensure that the particle counter you are considering can measure all particle sizes needed to monitor. For instance, a particle counter can have a particle size detection range from 0.1 to 100um. 

2. Particle Counter Flow Rate & Location Sampling 

The flow rate capacity of a particle counter is determine by a formula - Vs= [20/Cnm] x 1000

An example, if you have a class 4 cleanroom, the largest particle size is 1.0um and a maximum concentration of 83 particles/m3 according to ISO 14644-1 cleanroom standards. Calculate and you will derive Vs=240.96, which means you will need to sample 240.96L of air. Thus, if you choose a small hand-held particle counter with flow rate of 2L, it will take 120min (2h) to sample the air. In order to expedite the sampling process, a larger particle counter with a higher flow rate is recommended. 

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